Car of the Month September 2011

Submitted by Dave Betts

My 1987 Bertone in fancy dress for the July 2011 Marple carnival. My daughter Lois is Stockport Carnival Princess and we attend a number of town & village carnivals in Cheshire helping to raise money for charity.


This picture is from our local Marple carnival where Lois won 1st prize (and a cup) for “best Princess with car”, eclipsing her 2nd place in 2010. Beaten competition included a vintage Blower Bentley.........


Once again, the X/19 completed the 2-mile course in procession in just under 2 hours in 1st gear crawling along at a snails pace without incident or overheating to the various comments from the crowd of “I remember them”, “not seen one of them for ages” “bit rusty innit” and “look it’s a TR7...?!.” .


Not bad for a car bought as a non-runner from under a garden tarpaulin in April 10. The carnivals were my “green light” to buy another open top car – The X/19 fitted the bill (and the budget) although with hindsight a mid-engined car wasn’t the brightest idea for slow moving processions, it is fantastic to drive and loves a good blast on the Cheshire roads road. I am an X/19 convert.