My first X1/9 was an X registered 1500 in metallic blue with white vinyl and cloth interior it was 8 months old, many happy times were had in this car camping trips in the lakes among them. Then disaster struck a broken cam belt, examination after removring the head revealed numerous bent valves and an unusable head. I did in my innocence note that one of the diamonds stamped on the pistons was not quite in line but what did I know about engines. The purchase and fitting of a new culinder head had the car up and running again. It was running well or so it seemed and did so for 6 - 8 moths - then bang a very loud noise and lots of smoke and fluids to find a piston had  made its way through the block. We sadly parted company.

Many many years later I returned to the fold I found myself searching for another. I found one quite nice but I decided to invest in bodywork and a respray. I then found the X1/9 owners club they were holding a meeting in Derbyshire. My car was not ready how could I attend a National Meeting with no X1/9, I searched Ebay and found a red X1/9 for sale E234 ELM I picked it up and drove straight to the National Meet where we were made very welcome, we met Frosty for the first time and Claire was selling regailia. I saw more X1/9s in one place that I have ever seen before or since.

A few years and national later I saw an other X1/9 on Ebay with an interesting Reg LXI 986 a specualative bid ended in my new ownership and the sale of ELM.

A few more happy years later and I bought another metallic grey X1/9 just in time for the National at Billing and the NEC.

I then made my last purchase of a metallic red 1500 and decided to clear out my oher purchases The Blue 1500, the Red 1500 and the Grey Metallic 1500 had to go.

Oops I bought another. I now have two again one mica red 1500 and a standard 1500 in red.