Sunday 4 th September 2011 was SHOW DAY at the X1/9 OC Billing Aquadrome National Meet. This was a chance for us to show off our cars, meet the other members, discuss main-tenance issues and improvements, meet the public (who were invited through the internet and magazine advertising) and, as it turned out, to get very wet ! There was a good turnout on the day, considering the patchy weather, and we had around 30 cars lined up on the bank next to the canal. Simon, the club treasurer, had a gazebo in his boot, which he kindly agreed to put up so that we had some shelter from the rain that was forecast. The only trou-ble with this plan was that the gazebo leaked rather a lot and it seemed that those outside with umbrellas were keeping dryer than those inside ! After a while the weather cleared and the blue sky emerged. It was therefore time for us to start voting for our favourite X1/9‟s. This year we had 4 categories : Best Standard Car, Best Modified Car, Furthest Travelled, and the fun Did Well To Get There. Voting was hot and there was much whispering and discussion. Eventually the voting closed and Steve, the club secretary, counted the votes. It was a tense moment for all, but the wait would soon be over. Chris, the chairman, was there to present the prizes and they went to some very worthy winners :

  • Best Standard Car – Andy Rowley with his terrific Mica Blue 1500
  • Best Modified Car – Rob Warren with his black Uno Turbo conversion
  • Furthest Travelled – Phil and Lorraine Morris, having travelled 147 miles to attend
  • Did Well To Get There – tour Technical Advisor, Olly Vale, went home with the trophy.

Ollie's category was a little unfairly swayed on the day by a certain member out to cause trouble (GA !), but the voting was all fair and As we packed up our tents at the end of the day the sun was shining and the cars gleamed as, one by one, they slowly departed.

Award Winners

Best Standard Car Andy Rowley and his mint Grand Finale  
Furthest Travelled Phil (Brad Pitt's stunt double) and Lorraine Morris. Notice the coy wink from the car.  
Best Modified car Rob Warrens 1400 Uno Turbo powered car  
Did Well to get There Olly Vale Club Technical advisor and personal trainer to Club member Dennis Nutall (aka Tombraider)