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TOPIC: points done

points done 1 year 9 months ago #39984

I did the points and the car started.
It took me an hour and a half because I made mistakes.
Be comfortable taking the inspection plate off behind the driver's seat, this can be done without removing the distributor cap with a little diagonal wiggling.
Park the cap safely out of the way.
Take the rotor arm off.
Get the right size stubby screwdriver to remove the screws holding the points in. A really good magnetic screwdriver will save lots of trouble.
Undo the small bolt holding on the black wire from the points. This bolt does not have to come out, just loose so the spade connector can be removed.
My points screws had been mangled by someone with the wrong screwdriver, my replacements were brass; big mistake.
Remove the screws and points with your good magnetic screw driver and replace the points. If you drop a screw down the distributor use a magnet on a stick telescopic thing.

This sounds easy but here I dropped a brass screw down into the distributor so that had to come off, then I lost two bolts for the clamp putting it back. I replaced it eventually and one of the lost bolts has already fallen to the floor.

If you do not loose screws down the distributor continue.

Chock the car, release the hand break and jack the rear driver's side clear of the ground.
Put the car in fourth or fifth gear and rotate the rear wheel until the heel of the points is on the high spot of a lobe.
Set the points to .04 and tighten the screws.
It is much easier to replace the distributor cap while you have access through the bulkhead.
Put it all back together, check for missing or extra screws and bolts lying around, compose yourself and, as Mick Jagger said, "Start it Up."
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