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Porsche Type synchro condition 8 months 1 week ago #41031

Hi all,
3rd gear crunch which quite rightly is result of worn out 3rd gear and its synchro, however, now that gearbox is stripped, it can be clearly seen that dog/spline engagement teeth on both gear and synchro sleeve is the clear culprit, but I have a question mark over the synchro hub, synchro ring & synchro expanders condition. Eurosport have all the parts except synchro ring for my gearbox type, and they dont list synchro hub. So have a look at my photos labelled synchro ring 1,2,3 & 4 attached... My opinion is that the synchro ring is in OK condition..not ideal...but OK, I would like to replace but finding one may be an issue as seeking to rebuild gearbox sooner than later. Does anyone have any real experience what a synchro ring should look like to call it scrap compared to mine in photos. You can see the synchro ring gap ends have about 12 to 14mm bright spot shine on outer face (pics - synchro ring 1 & 2), the inner face still has grooves but granted they have dull spots (pics - synchro ring 3 & 4). My synchro hub looks fine, some shiny spot wear, but no wear indentations if you know what I mean. You can clearly see in photo synchro expander 1, the teeth worn away on the gear..the real culprit, and the expander with worn face, the expanders are available so that's ordered. And in photo synchro sleeve, you can clearly see worn teeth for 3rd gear engagement but perfect teeth for 4th. So parts that can be ordered have been from Euro, but I'm not so sure about sticking the synchro ring back in?? I have read somewhere that you can turn it over to get more life?

Anywhere else that sell synchro rings?? Got a feeling it might be awhile before Euro have more stock in for that component? Or does anyone have one that I can purchase off them - 3rd/4th (4 Spd late & 5 Spd) internal diameter 69mm, external 77mm

Anyways, thanks for any comments

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Porsche Type synchro condition 8 months 1 week ago #41035

A quick phonecall to Claire @ Eurosport this morning, and guess what, missing parts in, Damn they are good, all on order now

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Porsche Type synchro condition 8 months 1 week ago #41037

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+1 to that!

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Porsche Type synchro condition 8 months 23 hours ago #41048

Gearbox rebuilt with new 3rd Gear & Porsche Type synchro, 4th & 5th Porsche type synchros turned over, all seals & gaskets renewed, speedo drive corrected as not fitted correctly before, all gears inspected & cleaned including diff.

Total time spent, good 3 days work, could be done quicker but at the cost of not cleaning and inspecting everything, and I did clean & inspect all components.

Special tools, a good set of circlip pliers, pick set, bearing seal remover tool, good set of strong flatbladed screwdrivers, slide hammer and bracket makeup for driveshaft stubs, various sockets to gently push various new seals back into place, torque wrenches

Hardest part of overhaul, sticking the selector rod seal back into place without damaging it, replacing the selector forks in correct order… photo reference a must from your strip

What to watch out for, not losing the tiny bullet interlock hidden inside 3rd & 4th selector rod, could easily drop out without knowing it. Also input shaft lip seal, I wasn't happy with the way I replaced mine, I pushed it fully home in its housing, and when housing was installed, the lip seal felt it only just about ran on the input shaft, so another one ordered and replaced but this time I didn't drive it fully home in housing, much better

A MUST TO DO, search online for the various description of stripping this box, it helps greatly, I used X1/9 5-speed 101 by Steve Hoelscher, its wordy and a little confusing, Haynes and some other bits online, and I also photo'ed as I stripped. Have plenty of little containers to keep components in order as you strip.

This box is actually very straight forward to do, with good tools, and a methodical approach, it can be completed even as a first attempt for a novice, just take your time, and again...take plenty of photos.

All parts ordered from Eurosport with very prompt service
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Porsche Type synchro condition 8 months 16 hours ago #41049

Well done and great piece you've written.
Any chance you could forward it to the club editor for inclusion in the mag at some point?


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Porsche Type synchro condition 7 months 4 weeks ago #41051

Thanks for the information and tips Stuart. As I am hoping to remove and strip my box over this winter, your comments about it being relatively straightforward are reassuring! And the fact that the bits required are still available from Eurosport is also good news. Excellent photos as well, thanks again.

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